Cranked Hook ATS

Cranked Hook ATS

Designed by Frank Warwick in the early 90s and developed exclusively by us many now believe after extensive testing and use by countless anglers that this hook is the deadliest hook on the Carp scene.
This hook creates an amazing hook hold even at long distance without any mouth damage.
The hair position is best off the bend and works best with use of the Bead & Ring kit and a Mouthsnagger Shorty.
The cranked section provides the fastest turnover possible and decreases the tension on the point which reduces the possibility of pull outs.-one of the best snag hooks ever made.

Product code Description Trade pack
CRU101304 Cranked Hook - ATS - size 4 (10 pcs) 5
CRU101306 Cranked Hook - ATS - size 6 (10 pcs) 5
CRU101308 Cranked Hook - ATS - size 8 (10 pcs) 5


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