After two years of constant development we are proud to introduce our latest innovation- STRIP-X coated braid. Its core is made from a special 100% Aerospace Dyneema  fibres  which provide high knot strength and superior abrasion resistance. The outer coating is made from  a highly durable  material which does not break when tightening down  knots it has a matt coating for maximum camouflage of the rig  which helps prevent Wary Carp from  spooking. This coated braid is perfect for Combi Rigs or may be used straight through without stripping the coating  back or if preferred a small stripback to create a hinge just behind the hook eye. We truly believe that Strip- X is the most advanced coated braid created from using  an advanced technology.

Product code Description Trade pack
CRU300415 Strip-X- 15lb (20m) 1
CRU300425 Strip-X- 25lb (20m) 1
CRU300445 Strip-X- 45lb (20m) 1

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