Stiff Link

Stiff Link

These stiff Flourocarbon links are for use with Combi Link style presentations.  The stiff section forces the bait away from the Lead as it lands on the bottom.  The Flourocarbon is invisible when lying on the lake bed and offers a superior presentation compared to strip back coated  Braids. Many 60lb + fish have been landed on these links from waters such as the famous  Rainbow  Lake, Raduta, Cassien and many more.

The Fused sections at each end are exclusive  to  Carp r Us and are stronger than any knot.  The ring on one end is for rapid attachment to a quick change Gizmo Swivel.  The fused loop on the other end is for easy attachment of the Combi Rig with a loop to loop method.

Product code Description Trade pack
CRU401630 STIFF LINK 16,5 cm 30lb - oval ring/loop - (3pcs) 5
CRU401650 STIFF LINK 16,5 cm 50lb - oval ring/loop - (3pcs) 5
CRU401730 STIFF LINK 9,5 cm 30lb - oval ring/loop - (3pcs) 5
CRU401750 STIFF LINK 9,5 cm 50lb - oval ring/loop - (3pcs) 5
CRU402590 SUPERSTIFF LINK 16,5 cm 90lb - oval ring/ring swivel - (2pcs) 5
CRU402690 SUPERSTIFF LINK 9,5 cm 90lb - oval ring/ring swivel - (2pcs) 5
CRU402790 SUPERSTIFF LINK 6,5 cm 90lb - oval ring/ring swivel - (2pcs) 5

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