Snag Clip

Snag Clip

This is the only truly safe lead clip in the world that has the following features:
1. Allows the angler to release the lead or weight by pulling from his end of the rod with
three different release strengths Soft, Medium and Hard. All other clips are designed
for the fish to pull off the lead pulling from the fishes end. Why should just the fish
control this feature – you should.
2. The only clip to allow the fish to dispense with the line, leader and the lead should
the main line break.
3. Ideal when fishing at extreme range. May be used safely with Lead core, abrasion
resistant leaders or braided mainline.

Product code Description Trade pack
CRU600108 Snag Clip - silt (6 pcs) 5
CRU600109 Snag Clip - weed (6 pcs) 5

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