Smooth Braid

Smooth Braid

Our Smooth Braid has been specifically designed to form an incredibly strong and supple hooklink material with a remarkably thin diameter in relation to the breaking strain.

Smooth also has a high knot strength and most popular knots may be used. 5 turn Grinner, Knotless knot or the double overhand loop knot for Combi rig attachments are favoured. Sm  ooth has become one of the favourite braids on the market for total reliability.

Product code Description Trade pack
CRU300115 Smooth Braid - 15lb (20 m) 3
CRU300125 Smooth Braid - 25lb (20 m) 3
CRU300145 Smooth Braid - 45lb (20 m) 3

Hook Links

Stiff Link 360°Stiff Link 16,5cm Smooth Braid Clearwater Mainline Clearwater Shockleader Clearwater Fluorocarbon Strip-X

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