Longshank Nailer ATS

Longshank Nailer ATS

This hook took 3 years to develop and was secretly tested for 18 months until it was perfect and the exact shape and proportion of length was achieved. The most famous of all modern day Carp hooks it is used by the worlds most famous anglers including Tim Paisley, Kevin Maddocks, Steve Briggs Dave Moore and so many more top anglers. It has landed nearly all of the worlds famous fish including The Raduta Common and Moon Scale at Cassien and the famous 80s at Rainbow.

The BlowBack Combi Rig style presentation is one which is hard to beat but we advise that this hook is only used in open water situations even though it is strong enough for Hit and Hold fishing we advise use of our Snag hooks. With a Mouthsnagger Shorty on the shank, it will perform in just the same way but put less strain on the mouth.

Many companies have tried to copy this hook but none of them have go it right. Nor can the quality of steel wire be equalled.

Product code Description Trade pack
CRU101504 Longshank Nailer - ATS - size 4 (10 pcs) 5
CRU101506 Longshank Nailer - ATS - size 6 (10 pcs) 5
CRU101508 Longshank Nailer - ATS - size 5 (10 pcs) 5


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