Gladiator LS ATS

Gladiator LS ATS

This new pattern forms part of our range of Super Strong
Ultra sharp hooks An advanced and highly specialised
heating technique which has taken many years to perfect
has created is a feature of our ATS range and created a
breed of hook unrivalled for sharpness and strength.
This hook is perfect for general presentations except severe
snag fishing and will stay sharp far longer than most
other hooks.
This hook design will also produce an exceptional hook
Hook rotation can be even faster when used with a Shorty

Product code Description Trade pack
CRU101102 Gladiator LS - ATS - size 2 (10 pcs) 5
CRU101104 Gladiator LS - ATS - size 4 (10 pcs) 5
CRU101106 Gladiator LS - ATS - size 6 (10 pcs) 5


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