Clearwater Fluorocarbon

Clearwater Fluorocarbon

There are now so many on the market but most of them have the same problem. They are brittle, difficult to tie a good knot with and have too much memory and therefore hard to keep straight. It is, however, almost totally invisible in water and it sinks like a stone.

Carp r us Clearwater is a new breed of fluorocarbon made by the best manufacturer there is in Japan who pioneered Fluorocarbon over 40 years ago. I am so pleased to have the exclusivity to distribute this range and it is without doubt the best yet. Touch it ,tie it ,use it and you will see why. Clearwater has stretch which aids good knot strength and it has no memory.

Sinks like a stone. Extra supple non memory fluorocarbon hooklink material and the most invisible yet produced. Perfect for Anti Tangle Stiff Rigs. Favoured knots are Knotless Knots or our Fluorocarbon Knot.

Product code Description Trade pack
CRU300215 Clearwater Fluorocarbon - 15lb (20m) 3
CRU300225 Clearwater Fluorocarbon - 25lb (20m) 3

Hook Links

Stiff Link 360┬░Stiff Link 16,5cm Smooth Braid Clearwater Mainline Clearwater Shockleader Clearwater Fluorocarbon Strip-X

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