360°Stiff Link 16,5cm

360°Stiff Link 16,5cm

This style of link was an idea by Lee Jackson for use with the anti  tangle  360° rig.  This Rig system has recently been used at Rainbow  lake in France with great success.  It is also perfect for River and Canal fishing because  it  will not tangle.

The swivel eye is passed over the point of a Longshank Nailer hook followed by a rubber bead stop, an Oval  ring  and another bead stop (we have a Bead&Ring kit for this).  This set up is perfect for Pop up or bottom bait presentation and is an easy rig to make.  The beauty of this rig is that it is able to rotate in two separate ways making it very difficult for the fish to eject.

Product code Description Trade pack
CRU403650 360° Stiff link - oval ring & 360° swivel - 16,5cm 50lb 5

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