WCC 2017 Champions of Champions!

We are Champions of Champions!

It’s wonderful to observe and look back to all the achievements we accomplished in big international competitions.
In the past year Karel Nikl, Jan Dadák and Jakub Erhart won the World Carp Classic. Even this year when the boys drew a hard starting position. They managed to be in the lead even a few hours before the competition ended but eventually came third.
This is a big deal and a great result for our Nikl & Carp’R’Us family and the whole Czech republic. There is one more thing I treasure the most. I had dreamt of getting a Champion of Champions title.

In order to get this title you have to win the WCC and we accomplished that. Subsequently when you already are a champion of the WCC, you can compete with other past champions for a prestigious Champion of Champions Cup – the winner of winners, master of masters. Our dream came true in 2017 and we returned home to the Czech republic with the title “Champion of Champions”. We consider this title as one of the biggest fishing achievements of our lives…

Karel Nikl


Best Regards and Big Thanks

Team Carp´R´Us (Karel Nikl – Jan Dadák – Jakub Erhart)