World Carp Classic Champions!

Carp´R´Us ruled WCC 2016!

Last week took place for the first time in Czech Republic prestigious carp competition World Carp Classic. It found its home on mighty lake Novomlynska. All together 115 teams competed in this event from 22 countries.

Carp´R´Us was represented by 5 teams in this event including former champions from Poland who won in 2014. This Year we made history as Carp´R´Us team represented by Karel Nikl, Jan Dadák and Jakub Erhart has become the WCC 2016 champions! It was also for the first time when team represesnting Czech Republic won. Also on a home soil.

We were also very successful in the team event where Carp´R´Us 2 represented by Karel Nikl jr, Martin Hrdý, Jiří Hrdý, Tomáš Slavík and Petr Korbička took 2. place and team Carp´R´Us 1 represented by Karel Nikl, Jan Dadák, Jakub Erhart, Krzysztof Charmuszko, Andrzej Walczak a Dariusz Cios took 1. place.

We would like to thank all the people who supported us, believed in us and put their hopes into us. Thanks to everyone who came to visit and helped just by a kind word, message, phonecall or just thought of us. We really appreciate that so so much. Also big thank You to all our families and the closest, without their support that would be also not possible. Also big thank You to all the competitors for a great battle full of adrenaline and organisers for the great event.

It was very tough and hard, full of hard work, dedication, lack of sleep and adrenaline until the very end. But everything came together in the end. Thanks once again and we will try to be the first team in history not to win it twice, but three times! 🙂

Best Regards and Big Thanks

Team Carp´R´Us

Karel Nikl – Jan Dadák – Jakub Erhart