Hooking machines

During the last 20 years carp rigs changed a lot. An there was a reason for it. Already since the bait was put on the hair and the forst csrp were caught by this method the anglers tried to perfect their rigs. The reason is simple – with better rigs you will catch more fish and you will loose less fish during the fight for sure.

Try to remember how much the rig you are using currently distinguishes from the rig you were usind the first year or two you were beginning to fish. Every proper rig should fulfill these functions: immediately after the carp sucs it in it should turn and hook into the carp´s lip, it has to be inconspicuous, firm and it mustn´t tangle during the cast!

Among absolutely most successful rigs are combi rigs. Combination of stiff fluorocarbon and soft braid provides perfect presentation of the whole rig. The stiff section copies the lake bed and the soft section is supple enough to allow immediate rotation of the hook.

So lets look closely at one of the rigs which fulfills all of the above-mentioned requirements. It´s a setup with absolutely universal use which is tied really quickly.

Although you can tie this rig by a cow knot and a piece of stiff fluorocarbon, we used Stiff link because of its high breaking strain and the speed of how quickly you can tie it to the rig. Stiff links are offered in several lengths and heaviness and and its fused ends are stronger than any knot. Thanks to eye on one end and oval steel ring on the other end attaching to the rig takes just a few seconds and eaqually as easy it is to change the whole rig or just the change of its soft section.

  1. Longshank nailer hooks, oval rig rings and Mouthsnaggers – the base of blowback system which turns uncompromisingly fast and not even the most careful carp escape this rig.

  2. To the Smooth braid (we chose the classic 25lb version) tie the oval ring. We recommend double overhand knot so the brait with heavier bait won´t slide. Tighten fast.

  3. …and thread the ring onto the hook.

  4. Fix the ring aproximately on the level of the point of the hook and tie the hook by knotless knot.

  5. Thread the Mouthsnagger on the braid and then on the hook

  6. Three to five centimeters from the end of the mouthsnagger tie a figure of eight loop

  7. Cut the tag end.

  8. Loop to loop style stretch the eye of the soft section to the eye of the Stiff link and tighten.

  9. For higher breaking strain and even better hooking abilities you can add a small egg shot or a blob of tungsten putty.

  10. Now just choose the right bait…

  11. And clip the Stiff link into the Gismo quick change swivel.

You can be 100% sure you just tied a rig which has one of the best hooking abilities . Try it yourself on your palm how quickly the hook turns and stikes. Lightening fast rotation, adjustable ring and combination of smooth braid and stiff fluorocarbon make this setup number 1 for many successful anglers.

Try it out yourself and you will soon agree with us that it catches fish wonderfully!

Carp´R´Us team