Hooking Machines II

Hooking Machines II – Go clever on the BIG ones

Today we decide to intoduce you one of the really special rigs. The real “Big fish rig“ which in the hands of a good angler becomes literally a deadly weapon. The rig has many advantages but we´ll talk about that later…

The base of the rig is formed by Cranked hook, which actually has a “crank“ on the shank. Carp´R´Us company is the only one which offers a hook like this. The guru of the hook was Frank Warwick already 10 years ago. Although since then the hook passed many stages of development with usage of better and better materials, this shape is responsible for huge amount of correctly hooked carp across the whole Europe.

The efficiency of this hook lies without doubt in the longer shank which is also cranked and if tied correctly gives the hook the fastest rotation ability which youcan imagine. Just try on your palm how quickly the hook turns and strikes into your hand. Eaqually as good it works in the carp´s mouth!

Although we can tie this perfect hook by many ways, we chose for You one really universal rig which is for many anglers an absolute number one for angling in variety of situations. Combi rig with Carnked hook is really one of the best rigs used for big fish. You can use it on rivers (especially the longer version) or by boating out or just when you´re casting out. There´s almost no chance of tangling the rig while casting if you use components listed below.. You can fish with it in very harsh conditions without any fear of loosing the fish.

In the pictures below you can look at how to tie the rig which is great for catching those big and wary carp in the spots with harder lake bed. The rig itself is short, combinated and tied with Cranked hook, thanks to that the carp is hooked literally hundredth of a second after sucking the bait in. Tie it and try yourself how little time the carp gets after sucking in your bait….

Especially on often fished lakes this short combi rig with Cranked hook is literally a “Hooking machine“ which not even the wariest carp can avoid.

Evenly as perfect is this rig in colder months when the carp are moving really slowly and when they can get away from the bait even sooner than the hook can properly turn into the carp´s lip. For fishing in ice cold water we recommend you to use softer version with hook size 8, 15lb braid and 30lb finish of the Stiff link.

And now lets get to the tying of the rig..

  1. All You need – Cranked Hook ATS sz. 6, Bead and Ring Kit, supple Smooth braid, ready made fluorbon hairs and fluorocarbon Stiff link. We chose the stiffer 50lb 9,5cm version of Stiff link.

  2. Take your Cranked hook…

  3. …and fix one of the smaller beads on the hook.

  4. Ready hairs are perfect when there are crawfish, bream or other small fish attacking your bait. Thanks to its stiffness it´s almost impossible to tangle the hair… Thread it on the hook.

  5. And secure the hair by the bigger stopper from Bead and Ring kit.

  6. Now by the classic knotless knot tie the hook on the supple braid.

  7. Cut off the tag end and thread on a line aligner. Mouthsnagger or shrink tube improves the hooking abilities of the hook.

  8. Tie a figure of eight loop at the end of supple braid. We recommend to tie a smaller loop, aprox. 2-3cm long. Then fasten Stiff link to Smooth braid loop to loop style.

  9. If You want, You can weigh down the rig by putty or egg shot

  10. The big fish trap is ready…

Carp´R´Us Team